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an affordable and
accessible solution

membership fee
just $55.00/month
2 months initially plus a $50.00 one-time enrolment fee

Please complete and remit these forms prior to participating in personal or group training sessions:

Personal Training Agreement


Biosteel supplements are available at this gym
an affordable and
accessible solution

membership fee
just $55.00/month

*Gym Member Rules*


Fortis Fitness has Moved!!!

Join us at our new location 11 Carlaw Avenue, Units 1-3

Scientifically, the very best forms of training are well established. Unfortunately, these methods are not commonly known. Rather, they are used primarily by the world's top athletes. Our purpose is to introduce these methods and the logic behind them to anyone who wishes to improve physically. We do so in a safe, friendly and positive environment.

Statistics reveal that our society is becoming fatter and more out of shape with each passing year.

At Fortis, we isolate the causes of these problems and provide a unique and practical solution. We synthesize and communicate the most effective and proven forms of training. These methods are simply the best ways to become lean, healthy and strong. Our philosophy encompasses diet, exercise and building muscle. Our mission is to provide members with the best possible information, instruction and equipment in order to reach their physical goals. Our methods allow them to reach their goals both quickly and permanently.

How We Are Different
Our Equipment

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We would love to have you drop by, but initial visits to our gym are by appointment only!

Although the gym is open to active members 24/7, it is not staffed 24/7. Further, Fortis Fitness is NOT a typical fitness industry gym. The equipment and methods we use here are far more typical of top Olympic or professional athletic facilities. For these reasons we must have an initial appointment confirmed for first time visitors. Please call us or email to set up your appointment. Leave a message and we will promptly reply.


If you wish to try a free workout, PLEASE first review the short video on our home page "Gym Member Rules"

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