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Author: Dee Owens

“Wim Hof” Method Workshop

One of the most interesting workshops we have ever conducted here at Fortis Fitness, headed up by” Wim Hof” method master trainer, Steve Beattie.  Steve introduced us to the proven methods of Mr. Wim Hof and how to successfully disassociate fear and panic from reality through these astounding methods.  We proved the effectiveness of these ideas to ourselves by sitting in an ice bath for at least 1 minute, in the middle of January.  Fantastic day for all attendees.  We highly recommend these incredible methods!

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Paleo Bar

Longtime Fortis member, Omar Isuf (we hear he’s got like…a Facebook page and even more stuff happening on the Interweb) digging our Paleo Bars.  The healthy, all natural Paleo bars are courtesy of Cinq Foods, our favorite caterers.  Yes, it’s true, Cavemen and Cavewomen would indeed eat these things tens of thousands of years ago.  We’re pretty sure they grew on “Paleo bar trees”

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WIM HOF Seminar at Fortis Fitness

The WIM HOF Method With Certified Instructor Steve Beattie

The 4-hour workshop will focus on the fundamentals of the WHM. Whether you have been practicing WHM for months already and want to fine-tune your technique, or you are new to the practice and don’t know where to start, this workshop will help you establish a successful daily practice.

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