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Paleo Bar

Longtime Fortis member, Omar Isuf (we hear he’s got like…a Facebook page and even more stuff happening on the Interweb) digging our Paleo Bars.  The healthy, all natural Paleo bars are courtesy of Cinq Foods, our favorite caterers.  Yes, it’s true, Cavemen and Cavewomen would indeed eat these things tens of thousands of years ago.  We’re pretty sure they grew on “Paleo bar trees”

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Matt Wenning Is Visiting Fortis Fitness Sept. 22-25th

Elite Power-lifter and trainer, Matt Wenning is visiting Fortis Fitness and I want to let everyone know that he is available for private or group training sessions.

He will be in Toronto from Sept. 22-25th. For more information, Matt’s website is:

He may be contacted for information regarding training sessions at:

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Olympic Weightlifting Fall Seminar Series at #FortisFitness

Fall Seminar Series Olympic Weightlifting

Fall Seminar Series Olympic Weightlifting

Seminars with Barbell 101!

Barbell 101 is excited to present our upcoming Fall Seminar Series to introduce you to Olympic weightlifting! This is a four-part series where we teach you the lifts, technical errors, building strength, and developing your own program. It’s a great way to get familiar with the basics of weightlifting. Best of all, the seminars are FREE!


Where is it? Fortis Fitness, 11 Carlaw Avenue

Who’s teaching? Barbell 101 Head Coach Nicole Dinn and Assistant Coach Ashley Korman.

Who can attend? We’re capping each session at 12 participants. Both males and females are welcome to join us. Current and former Barbell 101 clients are not permitted to attend.

How do I register? Email You’ll be put on the list and you’re good to go!

How much does it cost? It’s free!

When are the seminars? What will I learn? Check out the info below for topics, dates, and times.

Sunday September 111:00-3:30pm

Introduction to Weightlifting Techniques. Here we’re going to talk about the very basics of weightlifting and give you a quick primer on the snatch, clean, and jerk. No experience is necessary!

Sunday October 231:00-3:30pm

Correcting Technical Errors in Weightlifting. This will build on our previous seminar and discuss technical errors in the lifts and how to correct them. Nicole will also be bringing back her secrets from Russia!

Sunday November 201:00-3:00 pm

Developing Strength for Weightlifting. This seminar will introduce you to key concepts in specific and general strength for weightlifting, and how to do basic programming to get stronger, be faster, and hit big numbers.

Sunday December 41:00-3:00pm

Addressing Mobility and Stability in Weightlifting. This seminar will build on the previous seminar by continuing with the effect of mobility and stability in the body on weightlifting. Here we’ll address imbalances, weaknesses, and motor dysfunction as applied to the lifts.
Fall Seminar Series Olympic Weightlifting

Fall Seminar Series Olympic Weightlifting

Fall Seminar Series Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
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3rd Annual Fortis Fitness Paleo BBQ

July 22nd, Fortis Fitness Barbecue.  Special thanks to our friends who were responsible for the great menu and who made this event a success:

Georges Butcher Shop/Meating on Queen (Plaza family) for the grass fed beef and the best sausages in the Toronto.

Second Wind Elk Farm for the naturally raised, ground bison.

Our neighbor, Cinq Foods for all of the great grilled vegetables, almond flour buns, dessert, food preparation and for managing the barbecue.

Thanks to all of our fine members who dropped by.  If you didn’t make it, we hope to see you next time.

A Tale of Two Questions

In a recent impromptu interview I was cornered by a nutritionist who was very skeptical of the health advantages of consuming a majority of calories from natural meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. He was also a rather outspoken advocate of many of the modern foods I generally avoid. This person took great offense at my direct naming of certain common processed foods as potentially dangerous to your health. I thought equal rights applied to people, not to Twinkies, soda-pop, sugared cereals, milk and fast foods. Regardless, I felt privileged to have such a learned man honor me with his question.

This person asked the following question in a very provocative tone: “Do you have any research studies directly proving that any of the foods you are knocking are dangerous to our health?” “Well? Do you? Now I’ve been asked this question before, but this time I really wanted to dwell on the answer. I asked my inquisitor if he would answer my question if I answered his question. My question was “Will you offer your participation in a simple, safe, short term food experiment on this very topic if I offer reciprocal involvement?” He replied “Yes”.

First, I answered his question as honestly as I could. I told this man that “No, I did not have any scientific research, peer reviewed and published or otherwise to which I could refer”. This was a little too honest, as I was well aware of some research showing the negative effects of consuming some of these specific foods and their constituent ingredients, but I did not have it with me. Nonetheless, I not only accepted my fate but went further.

I submitted that for the sake of this discussion then, we should both hold the position that there is no scientifically conducted, peer reviewed and accepted research directly linking these foods to any dangerous health effects – whatsoever. The logical corollary here is that if I cannot prove these foods are unhealthy to eat, then we must assume they are not unhealthy to consume. There are certainly no laws against eating these foods in any quantity. Hypothetically then we both would assume that there was no danger in consuming these foods. As unfortunate as that may be for my argument against these foods I would accept this position. Given this acceptance, it would seem then, that all of the “Foodie health nuts” need to shut up, once and for all and stop irresponsibly demonizing many of our modern, processed foods.

There was though, the final issue of my little food experiment in which he had agreed to participate. I ran through the details. I will choose three of his family members, including at least one child and put them on a strict diet for a period of 3 months with no exceptions. That diet will consist of the best known processed and fast foods, including Pop Tarts, Cheese in a Can, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Doritos, Wonder bread, milk, ice cream, processed cakes and snacks and candy. It will also include all of the major brands and flavors of soda pop. His family members will be highly restricted to eating and drinking these foods only. At the same time, he will choose three similar members of my family and we will put them on a strictly controlled diet of naturally raised meats, wild caught fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds and water – with no exceptions. Both groups will have a myriad of health markers including comprehensive blood tests and physicals, noted by a physician before and immediately after the three months period. All of those involved will be supervised by a doctor for the duration of the experiment.

The results will then be carefully documented and provided to a panel of 100 independent doctors and related health experts for enlightenment on the relative health improvement or deterioration of each subject. We will also accept the experts’ extrapolations and estimations on the future health and body weights of the test subjects in 6 months, 1, 5 and then 10 years.

Was this to be a perfect scientific experiment? Nope; no control group, and a larger sample of test subjects, etc. would be better. It would be interesting, nonetheless. I believe the real experiment here would be the test of how much confidence each of us had in our respective positions regarding modern food.

Strangest thing, he suddenly backed out of the whole idea. Turns out he did not like the idea of his 10 year old son being involved in this little experiment, even though I offered up three similar family members for him to choose. Given my answer to his question and my almost complete capitulation to his position, this was confusing.

This leads to a really interesting question regarding the varying degrees to which one might follow each of the two types of diet involved in this proposed experiment. After some discussion, the nutritionist said he wouldn’t have a problem with the experiment if “much less, but still some” of those foods dictated for his family member were provided. Yet, having “much less” of the foods stipulated for my family members for the substitution of other foods was not a concern. This begs the question, if he was not interested in 100% of the foods dictated because they were perhaps “unhealthy”, then what percentage of these “unhealthy” foods was acceptable. At what level of consumption were the chances of deleterious health effects acceptable? Again, this was not a concern whatsoever regarding the foods my family members were to eat. 100% was just fine with me. That was the whole point.

So, “bad” or otherwise “unhealthy” foods which he did not want his family member to consume were fine, as long as they were limited, but the idea of removing them altogether was absurd? My curiosity peaked. Does this position assume that because these processed foods exist, are normative (and tasty, and cheap) that we MUST then consume them, to at least some degree. The final position being that eating only the demonstrably healthy foods all of the time would be an eccentric, radical or otherwise crazy position to take? So, it is alright that I may experience some of the horrible health effects from eating these processed foods either now or in the future and this is a gamble that is mandatorily reasonable? Yet, following the scale in the “up” direction towards the healthiest foods was somehow deemed unreasonable.

Once he backed out of our agreement, I confessed that I did in fact have published research outlining the potential dangers of eating some of the processed foods we had discussed. Further, I could provide stacks of evidence that many of the ingredients in many of these products are likely quite dangerous to human health, especially in the large quantities in which they are typically consumed. Regardless, and to his point the research is still murky and does not seem to indicate clear, direct links between specific processed foods and ill-health. The relationship is simply not recognized in the way smoking has been correlated with lung cancer.

Even if I didn’t have the research on which this gentleman had challenged me, he and I both somehow knew that this food was not healthy. The sad meta-analysis is right in front of us, manifest in the poor, unhealthy folks who consume these foods as most of their calories. The terrible consequences of obesity and related disease are impossible to ignore. This is more than just deductive reasoning only. The proliferation of this super-industrialized, processed food since the industrial revolution corresponds very well with the lines on the graphs illustrating our rising chronic obesity and disease rates.   The sad reality here is that these processed foods have generally come to define the majority of “our food” for most of the public.

Enjoying Repetitive Exercise

The philosophy I strongly believe one should apply to cardiovascular exercise is simple: if you enjoy it – do it! Otherwise, keep looking until you find something you enjoy. I have successful experience reinforcing this idea as a permanent solution to exercising on a regular basis and benefiting from the good health it will provide. Still, there will always be temporary situations when we want to move our bodies but for whatever logistical reason are unable to do what we love.   And so we must face the idea of doing some repetitive form of exercise which we would otherwise not endure.

I have applied this philosophy to something as mundane as running with great success. In the past I hated running. Before I embraced my current philosophy, I considered running boring work that “needed to be done”. I would count the seconds. I would run 4 or 5 times a week for a few weeks and then stop because I just couldn’t make myself do it any longer. Over time, and with some experience, all of that changed.

I love the smell of sea air, girls in bikinis and sunshine. I love being around people having a good time and watching waves crash on a beach. I also like the feeling of my feet in the sand and a gentle warm breeze. I never grow tired of these things. These other factors have overtaken the generic activity of “running” and turned it into something that I have really enjoyed for over 15 years. I go outside and run on the beach at a pace where I never get uncomfortable or out of breath. Here I can experience all of those things I love. Sometimes I figure I am one step up from a fast walk. I lean forward so that my feat must catch up to prevent me from falling down. This creates a slow comfortable jog. This makes my stride very relaxing and almost effortless. When I get tired I stop.

I still hate running, but I love the other stuff. So much so, that the running has become an incidental and virtually unnoticeable part of the exercise. Running is like the empty glass and these things I love are the drink that fills it. It’s funny, because my slow jog is now a relatively fast paced run. I have been made aware of this only by others who I run with on occasion. This happened slowly and without notice. The keys are consistency and enjoyment – one feeds the other. This I know because unlike years ago, I long to go for a run if I haven’t had the time for a while. I contrast my current perspective to the generic act of running. Even now, the most time I can do on a treadmill is 10 minutes and only if there is a television to watch. If there is something very interesting on TV I can occasionally go for as long as 20 minutes, but that’s about all I can take.

Some people have challenged me on this philosophy. They have indicated that I live beside a beach and that anyone would love running there. Then they tell me to try living in Toledo Ohio, or Buffalo in January and enjoy my “sea air and bikinis”. The fact is, I live and spend the majority of my time in another big northern city and enjoy running there just as much if not more. How? The answer is real estate.

I love old houses. I really love the ones that look like old castles, 3 stories high and covered with ivy. The part of the city I live in is very old and half way gentrified. There are endless streets of these beautiful old homes; some in need of restoration and some completed. Many may be purchased for surprisingly little money given the area, but they need refurbishment. Most of these houses have the huge original wooden doors and stain glass. Some have spires and beautiful balconies on every floor. Even though run down, the craftsmanship involved in the ornate hard wood trim and masonry stands out like a lost art. They are from another time over a century ago. When they were built, that part of town was the most exclusive area in the city. Every one of these houses has a long history.

Occasionally, one of the nearby stores in this run down area will have a front sign changed. When this happens often an old sign will be revealed from a store long since closed up decades ago. Like the nearby homes, to me this is a bit of history creeping out like a passage in time. There are also beautiful old churches built entirely from stone. Many stand dark and quiet, closed up; their congregations long since moved on or withered away. I get lost in this stuff. For me it’s like a hypnotic, haunting journey into the past. At the same time my mind wonders at the future possibilities for these beautiful old buildings.

Sorry….sorry, I forgot for a moment, we are talking about beautiful old buildings and the topic is supposed to be running. That’s the whole point. I actually forget while I’m running. This happens every time. For me it’s like running into history, or through a beautiful architectural museum. It’s the same mental journey as on the beach, just different subjects. These examples demonstrate the pre-eminent importance of our brains in any form of exercise.

The other day, I went running with a very competitive friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in quite some time. I know this guy well and for him this was a battle to see who was in better shape. In the end this little challenge clocked in at over an hour and we had run over 7 miles. For me, this was an unusually fast and physically taxing pace. I kept up with him the whole way, but it was hell. This served well to jog my memory. I remembered why I hated running!

Let’s suppose one of your true joys in life is simply watching television for hours on end; movies, news, soap operas or just flipping from channel to channel. Let’s also assume you have fully embraced what is primarily an evolutionary diet and have achieved a caloric deficit or equity. Try this; replace your easy chair with a very comfortable seated recumbent stationary bike. Recumbent bikes are the ones where your legs are out in front of you and you can lean back into your seat. Get a few cushions or some foam padding and make it super comfortable. Put it on its lowest resistance setting and carry on watching television while doing this extremely slow and passive aerobic activity. If you love reading, simply replace the television with a book stand. Remember, you are not losing your breath and perhaps not even breaking a sweat, but your heart will beat faster, oxygen will fill your lungs and you will simply feel better. Even this extremely low intensity activity will produce results since your diet has ended the source of your body fat problem. Now you are chipping away at the prior damage as your body visibly improves.

I strongly believe those sports, hobbies and physical activities we are passionate about should basically define our “exercise”. Nonetheless, hopefully these ideas will expand the possibilities to include some of the stuff we normally wouldn’t consider.

Seriously…..This is A Great Job!

Sean Kelly

I often ponder how thankful the great people I continue to learn from must feel every day.  These folks include the fantastic doctors, evolutionary biologists, coaches, scientists, small farmers, activists, anthropologists, writers and journalists who know the truth about our food, health and fitness.  They must feel downright “messianic”.  They are indeed in the minority.  They all have one thing in common – they tell the truth.

Billions upon billions of dollars are spent every year by our government, and some of our biggest industries – agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, restaurant, fitness, etc. – to drown out this truth.  Regardless, all of that greed, money and influence ensures that those armed with the truth are able to offer a truly unique and effective solution.  Those industries have literally created a problem that we can actually solve.  It just makes the message trumpeted from these amazing teachers stand out as even more effective and unique.

Yes, it is extremely unfortunate that many have to suffer and so many people are confused and unaware of the terrible dilemma in which they remain.  Nonetheless, the ability to help anyone out of this mess and achieve their health and fitness goals permanently is a real gift.

Every day you get to hear people tell you about their new success:

•    Terrible and chronic physical symptoms disappearing
•    Dramatically improved health and well being
•    People who love food are happy, eating all the time and still losing body fat
•    Folks spending less time in the gym and more time “having fun” outside the gym
•    Individuals actually wanting to “work out” for the first time ever
•    People getting stronger, faster and more powerful than they’ve ever been

I experienced all of these things personally.  As a fat, out of shape, unhealthy 26 year-old and after bumbling through countless years of failed efforts to improve, I too was enlightened and permanently “cured”.  Thank God for the wonderful people who taught me and allowed me to escape that lousy predicament.  Providing others with the simple solution to their confusion and witnessing them get slim and healthy is beyond satisfying.  It’s sort of like being the only one with antibiotics where everyone around you has an infection.  To those who receive this information, it brings freedom.

Although the money, power and influence of our largest industries will no doubt keep the majority of our population fat and unhealthy, it does provide those who possess the real solution with this one fantastic benefit.  It gives them the unique power to actually help people.  For the foot-soldiers in this battle this provides a job that delivers nothing but happiness and satisfaction – every day.

Guy Goes Crazy at Airport

Recently, while I was at the airport waiting to depart on a flight for Chicago I came across a new hamburger restaurant in the airport terminal.  The sign read “True Burger Co.”  Being a little hungry, I thought to myself:

“Wow, this should be interesting; maybe someone has finally created a healthy fast food restaurant!  A place where the owners understand the definition of a truly naturally raised animal and the huge nutritional differences in naturally raised animal foods vs. their sick, confined, industrially raised counterparts.  I may actually be able to order something healthy to eat here!” 

There is no reason in the world why “fast food” like a burger can’t be a relatively healthy thing to eat, and it looked like someone had boldly brought that idea to life.  My eager anticipation and curiosity quickly turned into despair, then into a furious rage.  Just under the “True Burger Co.” sign there it was, the proudly displayed little explanation of this restaurant’s concept:

“All our burgers are made from naturally raised corn fed local Ontario beef….”

What the F*&K!?!  You can’t be serious!  You must be F#%ING joking?

Adding insult to injury, there was an official “Ontario Corn Fed Beef” insignia with the words “Proud Partners” displayed in large letters beside it.

Now, I’ve heard of fast food companies attempting to hide their wrong doings under a cover of utter bullshit by spending millions on public relations, advertising and expensive lawyers.  I’ve just never seen this before – unadulterated, in your face bullshit, proudly displayed as the cornerstone of a fast food company’s very concept, right down to the name.

From my perspective “False Burger Co.” would have been a far more appropriate name.  Personally, I would have elected “Unhealthy Bullshit Burger” as the best name for this restaurant.  Maybe, just maybe, someone responsible for this restaurant reads the following:

First, a brief, clinical word on the natural diet of cows:

Cows are herbivore ruminants.  These animals subsist naturally on a diet of mainly grass, stems, leaves and flowers.  The cow has just one stomach, but it contains four separate compartments, the largest of which is the rumen.  These parts of the stomach work within the complex digestive system of the cow which allows the animal to control substances that are difficult and near impossible for many other animals to digest.  An average cow can consume about 70 kg of grass in an 8 hour day.  Grass passes through the rumen where it is mixed with specialized bacteria. From the rumen it moves to the other 3 parts of the stomach.  During this process, partly digested food, known as cud, is regurgitated, chewed again, and returned to the stomach compartments where digestive enzymes break it down further and nutrients are absorbed.  This is how cows have evolved to digest grasses.

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Unfortunately, cheap corn has replaced grass as the primary food for our industrially raised cattle.  Feeding them corn, for our purposes, speeds up their life spans and gets them really fat, allowing them to be slaughtered much sooner.  Cows that we used to let grow to be four or five years old grazing naturally in pastures are now slaughtered in a mere 14 months.  Corn gets them off the whole evolutionary relationship they’ve had with grass.  The problem with this system is that cows are not evolved to digest corn.

The rumen is designed for grass. Corn is just too rich and too starchy.  So as soon as you introduce corn, the animal is liable to get sick.  When they get sick they are given antibiotics.  Specifically, they get bloat.  The rumen just expands like a balloon. It presses against the lungs and the heart, and if nothing is done, the animal suffocates.  A hose must be stuck down the cow’s esophagus to release the gas.

Feeding cows corn also causes acidosis, which is an acidifying of the rumen. Eventually, if you give them too much corn too quickly, it ulcerates the rumen; bacteria escape from the rumen into the blood stream, and end up in the liver, creating liver abscesses.  So to prevent that, or limit the incidence of liver disease, they must be given yet another antibiotic.  They’re eating a diet on feedlots at 80 – 90% corn that would eventually blow out their livers and kill them.  To help ensure the diseases caused by feeding them corn and other unnatural feed do not kill them before they are large enough to slaughter, cows are also given synthetic steroids and growth hormones to speed up their growth.

The nutritional profile of the animal also changes dramatically and for the worse with a high corn diet.  The high fat beef from these animals contains saturated fat levels shown to be up to 7 times higher than in grass fed beef.  As a result of the higher fat content, protein per quantity of corn fed beef can be almost ½ compared to healthier grass fed beef.  Finally, corn fed beef typically has an unnatural and unhealthy omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of approximately 10:1.  Naturally pastured, grass fed beef generally has a far more healthful ratio of 2:1.  These stark nutritional differences cause the consumption of corn fed beef to increase total and LDL cholesterol concentrations, and drastically raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.  In contrast, all of the healthful aspects of pastured beef are a positive consequence of the grasses and natural vegetation these cows consume as their normal evolutionary diet.
2. Effect of growth promotants on the occurrence of endogenous and synthetic steroid hormones on feedlot soils and in runoff from beef cattle feeding operations. Bartelt-Hunt SL,, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
3. Nutritional Differences between Grass and Grain Fed Beef: Health Implications, By Loren Cordain, Ph.D. Professor © Copyright Loren Cordain, Fort Collins, CO 80528

I submit that the above information provides some very disconcerting “truth” regarding placing the words “naturally raised” and “corn” in the same sentence, when discussing what cows eat.  Speaking of truth; on to defining the word “true”:

1        :  Honest, just, truthful

2        :  In accordance with fact or reality

3        : The quality or state of being accurate

 (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

So, according to the real, anthropologically proven, natural diet of cows and the definition of “true”, there seems to be a “Grand Canyon” size chasm between the facts, and this restaurant’s version of the “truth”.


Dear “True Burger” management, does this picture look in any way “Natural” to you?!?  Could it be the metal bars above and beside each animal?  Does the small space they are crammed into look “natural”?  Aside from that inhumane treatment, perhaps it’s the unavoidable diet of corn they have been so forcefully provided?

This was either the most audacious or the most ignorant fast food company I have ever witnessed.  It may have been a combination of both, in making the assumption that people are either so dumb or uneducated on this topic, they’ll never notice the massive lie upon which this restaurant is founded.

Perhaps they just figured out that if a real organic farmer, a zoologist, or Chef Jamie Oliver walked by they would just risk the possibility of protest.  It’s hard to imagine the investors putting millions of dollars into this thing, and putting it into an international airport terminal without someone at some point checking out the veracity of the companies most elemental and outspoken message.  Have none of these people ever heard of Michael Pollen….seriously?

I couldn’t just let this go.  At the risk of getting hauled off by security, I made a ruckus in the line up and started yelling.   “Hey!…Cows are HERBIVORES and they DO NOT naturally eat corn!”  A very overweight but congenial gentleman behind me in the lineup politely interjected, “actually they do eat corn, I know, my family has a farm”.  I responded:  “the corn we feed these animals is absolutely not a part of a cow’s natural diet.  They are meant to wonder around in a field eating grasses.  That is why they have rumens – like additional stomachs – to digest the grasses that they eat.  They will though, eat corn if you feed it to them.  But, in enough quantity, this will cause them to become ill and to become exceedingly fat, negatively changing the nutritional profile of the beef from these cows.”  He responded:  “I guess they’ll eat it if you grind it up really well…”  I responded: “WHAT?!?”

This short conversation only confirmed that regarding why this restaurant would exclaim such nonsense, out of “audacious” or “ignorant” it seemed “audacious” was the winner.  Yet, “audacious” was the wrong word to describe the pseudo-risk this company was taking in assuming that many of the public would recognize its outrageous display of bullshit.  Nope, this was going to be like taking candy from a baby, they might have well made the little heart-felt quote under their sign state:  “All our burgers are made from naturally raised lasagna, Cheezee & Oreo fed beef….”

I really doubt many would notice the difference, given the amount of misinformation the public is given by big agriculture, industry organizations and the restaurant industry.  Unfortunately, few of us have the time to discover the facts.

I searched for this companies headquarters or website, but had no luck finding anything.  I can only assume this is a food creation of the powers that be at the airport and that is, perhaps why they have been so…Ahum,…”creative” with the truth.  That is, they have a captive market and they really don’t care.  As an aside, this diatribe is in no way aimed at another “True Burger” which I discovered in California.  It looks like those guys got it right and actually serve pastured, grass fed beef – proudly, and righteously so.

The point here:  PLEASE!  Beware of corporate liars who think they can play us for fools and take our money.  If you are going to eat any animal food, try to make certain that the animal was raised responsibly in what is essentially its natural environment, eating its – real, true, zoologically correct – natural, evolutionary foods.  For cows, that would mean wandering around in a field eating grass

To learn more about a natural healthy diet and fitness plan. Check out “The Eco-Diet” to see if it’s right for you.