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Congratulations Jonathan Rodney and coach Anton Skripalev

Every day, here at Fortis Fitness our members and competitive athletes alike astound us with dramatic improvements and achievements – from world class Ultra Marathoners to the strength events and all sports in between.

21 year old Jonathan Rodney is just one of the latest.

Huge congratulations for his epic performance at his VERY FIRST power-lifting meet – “Fall at Forge”, in Toronto back on November 16, 2016.

At a body weight of 255 lbs. and competing as a Junior, Raw Classic, in this CPF event he achieved a 575 pound back squat, 365 pound bench, and 700 POUND DEAD-LIFT!  This kid has been training for only 18 months.

That is a 1638 total with a Wilks score of 431.  Good for 4 Raw, Junior CPF records.

Congratulations also to coach, Anton Skripalev (left) who came to us from Russia and trains Power and Olympic lifters and Arm Wrestlers and who shares in this awesome achievement.

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Congratulations Adam Takacs

Huge Congratulations to Fortis member and Canadian UItra-Marathon Champion, Adam Takacs on his recent race!


“I just wanted to share some of my recent success from the Pinhoti 100 mile race in Alabama. We ran from Heflin to Sylacauga through the Talladega National forest and traversed extremely technical terrain with some very fast runnable sections. Over the 100 miles we accumulated enough elevation gain that matched Mount Everest, and had a net loss of 500 feet which made the pounding on the quads extreme! I placed 2nd with a time of 18:48:49.

Thanks Fortis for contributing to my success!”

Adam Takacs

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Matt Wenning Strength Seminar



Matt Wenning

Strength Seminar

Fortis Fitness Gym

10:00 am Sunday, October 16, 2016

  • 3 World Power-lifting records
  • 2,665 lbs Equipped total
  • Masters of Science in Sport Biomechanics
  • Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science
  • Over 10,000 hours experience training Division 1-A, Pro, and Olympic athletes
  • Strength & conditioning trainer to over 6,000 army, infantry and special forces military
  • Owner – Ludus Magnus – Private Strength Training Facility, Columbus, Ohio
  • Expert in Conjugated Periodization, especially related to Raw Power-lifting
  • UPA Raw Nationals Power-lifting 2,204 lbs total – 865 squat (no wraps), 611 bench press, 725 lbs dead-lift

Join us for this incredible opportunity to learn from Matt

$50.00 – Please pre-pay and register – space is limited


Phone:  416 465 4777


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Congratulations Dain Wallis



Huge congratulations to Dain Wallis for his incredible full sweep victory and title of Canada’s Strongest Man under 175 lbs. this past weekend in Saskatchewan –

CAASA Saskatchewan- Amateur Strongman/woman

Months of battling back after a serious knee injury have resulted in this awesome achievement.  This Dude was in the gym the day after a medical procedure, on crutches to “work his upper body” while seated on the floor.  Persistence and perseverance pay off!


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C.P.F. Nationals Week-End

We would like to thank the following Fortis Fitness volunteers for making the CPF Nationals this past week-end a great success:

James Cash, Alastair MacNicol, Jordan Moffit, Marta Wajda, Simon Gilbert, Nigel Morton, Kevin Tyo, Rae Price, Jack Ulicny, Susanne Carnelos, Natalie Shwartz, Joanne Grixti, Josie Carlino, Thomas Dehod, David Otasek, Nancy Leville, Brendan Eckstorm, and Alan Liang

If we missed anyone, we are so sorry! These folks changed plates, spotted, cleaned up, cheered on our fine members and assisted with whatever was needed as late as 11pm on Saturday! The meet could not have run without you. We cannot thank you enough for your great help and assistance.

Thanks to anyone who helped out in any way and cheered on the competitors to make this meet a success!