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Paleo BBQ

Fortis Fitness BBQ

Thanks to all of our wonderful members for attending our Gym Barbecue on September 8th and also to Ninette, Daniel and all who helped us out.  Special thanks to the Meating On Queen and the awesome Plaza Family for the artisan, sausages made with farm fresh, natural ingredients including only pastured meats.

We love these guys and they work extremely hard to bring naturally raised foods to our neighborhood at a truly reasonable price:

The bison was from our friends over at Second Wind Elk Farm, courtesy of their Mississauga outlet store – Black Angus Meats and Game:

Huge thanks also to our Buddy, Alex at our neighbor, Cinq Foods for catering, barbecuing, and running this event:
We hope everyone had a good time and we will try to do this again soon! 

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