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Katie Uhlaender and Jamie Snow


So proud to have the astoundingly talented, strong and beautiful Katie Uhlaender visiting Fortis. Katie is an elite Skeleton racer, World Cup Gold medalist and 3 time Olympian with Team USA. Here she is with the super-athletic Jamie Snow just after their morning workout.

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20 kg Ohio Power Bars

#FortisFitness 20 kg Ohio Power Bars
Mike happy to see our new “20 kg Ohio Power Bars” were just delivered.  We have no doubt that he will surpass a competition 700 lb. Dead-lift at 181 and hope these will help get him there.  This should make all of our fine IPF power-lifting competitors happy.  Our collection of specialty and specific competition lifting bars just keeps growing!

Fortis Leg Press

Fortis Fitness Equipment Leg Press

Finally, a leg press that matches squat and dead-lift angles! Our unilateral/bilateral leg press to create an unprecedented transfer of strength to valuable free weight exercises such as squats and dead-lifts.

The first leg press that will effectively improve strength in the bottom portions of those exercises and similar movements that are natural to sports, work and life.

Like all of our equipment, it will challenge the strongest people, yet is also perfect for a beginner or anyone who is injured. The pad design helps to ensure correct back position, locking the lower back into a safe extension.

‘Patent pending and Trademarked’

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