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Seriously…..This is A Great Job!

Sean Kelly

I often ponder how thankful the great people I continue to learn from must feel every day.  These folks include the fantastic doctors, evolutionary biologists, coaches, scientists, small farmers, activists, anthropologists, writers and journalists who know the truth about our food, health and fitness.  They must feel downright “messianic”.  They are indeed in the minority.  They all have one thing in common – they tell the truth.

Billions upon billions of dollars are spent every year by our government, and some of our biggest industries – agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, restaurant, fitness, etc. – to drown out this truth.  Regardless, all of that greed, money and influence ensures that those armed with the truth are able to offer a truly unique and effective solution.  Those industries have literally created a problem that we can actually solve.  It just makes the message trumpeted from these amazing teachers stand out as even more effective and unique.

Yes, it is extremely unfortunate that many have to suffer and so many people are confused and unaware of the terrible dilemma in which they remain.  Nonetheless, the ability to help anyone out of this mess and achieve their health and fitness goals permanently is a real gift.

Every day you get to hear people tell you about their new success:

•    Terrible and chronic physical symptoms disappearing
•    Dramatically improved health and well being
•    People who love food are happy, eating all the time and still losing body fat
•    Folks spending less time in the gym and more time “having fun” outside the gym
•    Individuals actually wanting to “work out” for the first time ever
•    People getting stronger, faster and more powerful than they’ve ever been

I experienced all of these things personally.  As a fat, out of shape, unhealthy 26 year-old and after bumbling through countless years of failed efforts to improve, I too was enlightened and permanently “cured”.  Thank God for the wonderful people who taught me and allowed me to escape that lousy predicament.  Providing others with the simple solution to their confusion and witnessing them get slim and healthy is beyond satisfying.  It’s sort of like being the only one with antibiotics where everyone around you has an infection.  To those who receive this information, it brings freedom.

Although the money, power and influence of our largest industries will no doubt keep the majority of our population fat and unhealthy, it does provide those who possess the real solution with this one fantastic benefit.  It gives them the unique power to actually help people.  For the foot-soldiers in this battle this provides a job that delivers nothing but happiness and satisfaction – every day.

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